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Friday, November 8, 2013

Horoscope 2014

Know what horoscope for 2014 says about you
Horoscope 2014 given here is based on the horoscope of Horoscope 2014 astrology for every sign is now available on Hindi Blogs. Like preceding years, this year also we have tried our best to offer you with the best and accurate horoscope. This available horoscope is based on the principles and guidelines of Vedic Astrology. With Astrology 2014, you can easily have an overview about the upcoming events and opportunities of 2014.  Many astrologers, websites and astrology companies are available online which claim that their predictions are best; but not all are true to their words. Hindi Blogs has come up with the 2014 predictions keeping every minor aspect in mind. You can plan everything in advance with the help of Prediction 2014. Horoscope 2014 will help you in staying alert and planning your future. With years of experience and dedication for astrology, our astrologers have prepared your Horoscope 2014. We offer you a horoscope which has complete details about all your important aspect of life like personal, professional, financial, social and everything. Read your Astrology for 2014 to transform every opportunity into the best one and stay away from all the negativity.

Horoscope 2014 begins with a general idea of the complete year followed by the detailed predictions of every sphere of life. It will first throw light on predictions for your personal life i.e. the family life. You can learn the possibilities of any conflicts or stress due to your family or in your family which will help you in adopting the right strategies to deal with them. After that Astrology 2014 will let you step in your love life which is definitely one of the most looked forward to, prediction by almost all of us. Whether you are single, committed or married, love horoscope is available for you all. After knowing about your love life, move to the crucial aspect i.e. career with 2014 astrology predictions. Career is very important for all of us as it is all we need for a good and bright future. With the predictions, you will come across the situations and possibilities at your job and business. Horoscope 2014 predictions guide you with the right suggestions too so that you can take your career in the best possible direction. Next, is your financial life. Finances are the backbone of every family and a wrong decision related to finances can cause serious consequences. Read your astrology 2014 predictions to have a clear view of your finances in the year 2014. Make the best decisions and avoid going for the wrong investments with the predictions made for you. In the end read about your health predictions.

Aries Horoscope 2014

Arians, the year 2014 is going to be a good one for you. Your horoscope 2014 sees that your family life will be happy and prosperous. The positioning of Saturn and Rahu in your 7th house may become the reason behind any tiffs with your spouse. Other than creating problems between you both, it may also give ill health to your partner, foretells your 2014 horoscope. Moving toward your health, 2014 astrology senses some ups and downs for you; therefore, you should be careful so as to avoid getting trapped by diseases. Talking about your love life, the time is good but, not for the inter caste relations. Hence, people involved in inter caste love affair need to be careful. Your professional front is indicating signs of promotion leading to a favourable time financially. In the end, let’s focus on your education. For the Arians planning for higher education, the time is quite favourable. The time after June is really very good for the students who want to go abroad for their studies. Though the year is fine for you but as a remedy against any problem, you should serve the black cows.

Taurus Horoscope 2014

Surprises is the keyword for the Taurus people. Astrology for 2014 says that this year you may plan something special for your near and dear ones. Horoscope 2014 also predicts that planning surprises for your loved ones will enhance your image and reputation. This year is excellent for the people who are not the patients of any old disease. Though, improvement in the old disease is possible for those who are dealing with them.  Love life seems smooth according to 2014 predictions; however, some minor issues may arise. 2014 predictions suggest staying away from any argument. Coming to your career as per 2014 horoscope, the time brings immense positivity. Unemployed ones will get job but for the businessman, ‘hard work is the key to success’. The more they will put endeavour, the more will be the results. 2014 is favourable provided you continue putting efforts to fetch money. According to horoscope 2014, there are bright signs of making huge savings in the first half of the year. Second half of the year is carrying increment in your income. 2014 astrology is lucky for the students and success in their efforts is assured.

Gemini Horoscope 2014

A favorable year for the Gemini people according to 2014 horoscope predictions. An important function or event is expected as per astrology 2014. This time holds very high possibility of a wedding ceremony or newborn in your family. Though the year is not bringing complications on health front, still keeping an eye on health is required.  You may face seasonal health issues but nothing serious. This year from the view of 2014 predictions is not meant for acting stubborn over love affairs, otherwise, it will create distances between you and your partner. 2014 astrology is predicting your attraction toward someone who will be different from you, socially.  Coming to finances and career, the year is favourable for the business people and for the salaried class one too. Service people will get promotion and unemployed ones will get relief from unemployment. 2014 horoscope says that this year your income and sources of income will increase making you financially stable. As an advice, stay away from making any risky investments. Students will see a great time as 2014 is their year. As per horoscope 2014, this year is helpful for their higher studies. Donating almonds in a temple is the remedy for you all.

Cancer Horoscope 2014

2014 has mixed results for the Cancerians. Problems in the first half of the year are seen by 2014 horoscope. Rahu and Saturn are posited on the 4th house which may take away your mental peace. Stress in domestic life is also predicted by horoscope for 2014. This year, you may find difficulties in coordinating with your family which will give you stress. During this time, job, health, education and travelling won’t do well for you. During this time, you should alert and careful regarding your health. Horoscope 2014 is predicting possibility of change in your job. Unnecessary arguments should be avoided as well as unimportant trips. You may expect a relief in the second half of the year says 2014 predictions and will notice a decrease in your troubles. Horoscope 2014 suggests taking the help of spirituality to get some peace. This time is good for the education aspect also and your endeavors will prove successful. To improve the stars of the year 2014, feed a cow with mixture of rice and milk.

Leo Horoscope 2014

Lions, the first half of the year 2014 has got favorable results for you. During this time your family members will be very happy according to 2014 horoscope. You will see an improvement in the sources of income. Your friends and relatives will be highly supportive and you will cherish it. 2014 astrology predictions forecasts a very good time for education and progeny. You may face some issues related to your progeny due to aspect of Saturn in 5th  house; but the good news is that all  things will settle out with time. The time is good for your health and also for love and romance. Horoscope 2014 hopes some good opportunities approaching you during this time. Also, you will do well professionally according to astrology 2014 and chance of promotion will increase. Horoscope 2014 is seeing a great time for the students and they will successfully clear their entrance exams. The second half of the year will bring expenses and is not good for your health as well. Some useless journeys are also possible. To get relief from the troubles, you should water the peepal tree.

Virgo Horoscope 2014

Virgos, 2014 is a beneficial year for you all. The environment of your home will be positive and harmonious and you feel happy and healthy. No doubt the time is in your favour but, a suggestion for you is to keep control on your tongue. Also, you should avoid indulging in unnecessary expenses. More happiness will reach you in the second half of the year as this time is auspicious for marriage and is also good for love and romance. Your professional front, according to horoscope 2014 looks promising. During this time you will do something unique and extraordinary which may open the doors of promotion for you. In the year 2014, you will gain numerous opportunities. A little problem may come due to presence of Saturn and Rahu in your 2nd house and you will find a bit of difficulty in saving the money. This problem will not last for long as the transit of Rahu in July will bring good luck for you, taking you back on the track of saving enough money. This transit will do well for your health too. 2014 astrology predicts a fortunate time for the students too. Virgos, to make things more favorable, apply saffron Tilak on your forehead.

Libra Horoscope 2014

For the Libra people, the year 2014 brings mixed results. For the spiritual Libra individuals, harmony in the family because of them is predicted by the 2014 astrology. Jupiter is posited in your 9th house and is strengthening your luck. You may face some health issues as Saturn and Rahu are present in your 1st house. These health issues will be resolved in July with the transit of Rahu. 2014 is favourable for love affairs as per horoscope 2014 predictions; but for the married couples some issues are possible. Horoscope 2014 suggests you to maintain distance from useless lawsuits as it will result in wastage of money and time. This year, problems on professional front are also expected; however, you will get success in it. Talking about finances, 2014 is average. For the students, success is possible but after putting hard work. For the students willing to go abroad for studies, the time is positive. Remedial measure for you is, serving the monkeys. You should also avoid eating non-vegetarian food and intake of alcohol.

Scorpio Horoscope 2014

Scorpions, Jupiter is situated in your 8th house in the beginning of 2014. In the initial months, only hard work can help you in achieving favourable results. According to 2014 horoscope, during this time you may find a change in the behaviour of your family members. At this time feeling of insecurity may affect your health. 2014 horoscope suggests you to avoid lawsuits and unnecessary travels. Problem in love life is also possible and your efforts may also go useless. In the second half of the year, situations will improve as Jupiter will move into your 9th house. Further improvements will come with the transit of Rahu in your 11th house in July. This transit will hold good for the students and they will get positive results. Their hard work will give its results. Donating Ghee along with potatoes is the remedy for you.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2014

Sagittarians, first part of the year 2014 is going to prove itself very good for you. According to 2014 astrology, the atmosphere in your family will be harmonious. You will feel fresh and energetic. Saturn and Rahu are situated in your 11th house bringing increments for you; however, the effect of Saturn on your ascendant house will create negativity in you. Therefore, you should avoid getting into anything negative or bad. This year, as per your 2014 horoscope, you will get expected results in matters of love and marriage. You may become the victim of arguments with your partner, time to time, as a result of effect of Saturn on your 5th house. You should avoid arguments over minor issues. A positive period is predicted on your professional front. For the students, fruit of their hard work is assured. With the arrival of second half of the year, things may change and you may face problems in every aspect of life. 2014 predictions suggest you to invest carefully and staying away from the greed of making money through short cuts. Salaried people should act carefully and may have to change their job. Transfer to any unwanted place is also possible for them. To improve the situation, you should float coconuts in flowing water after every four months.

Capricorn Horoscope 2014

2014 brings a bag of mixed results for you. As Jupiter is shifting in your 5th house, you may face some ups and downs financially. Matters related to debts will demand serious attention. As per prediction of horoscope 2014, differences with family members are also on the cards. Health front is not in your favour either, though it won’t trouble you much. Possibility of any legal issues is also visible to astrology 2014; however, the result would be in your favor. You will face problems from your enemies also but victory will touch your feet in this matter as well. With the beginning of second part of the year, things in your love life will take a positive turn. This time is also good for the married couples. Auspicious activity in your home is highly possible. For those who are into partnerships, benefits are there. 2014 horoscope forecasts positive changes in your earning as well as knowledge. To make your stars favorable, you should donate yellow colored clothes to a priest.

Aquarius Horoscope 2014

Aquarians, 2014 is bringing a brilliant beginning for you. Auspicious activities are possible in your family. This time is good for family planning also. For education and studies, this time is very lucky. Horoscope 2014 predicts this time is favorable for long journeys and pilgrimages. With a careful check on your health, you will enjoy good health. Be cautious while driving. Astrology 2014 is predicting a better job for you. In the second half of the year, you may face some complications. Some people may go against you without any reason. Astrology 2014 is sensing sudden issues related to exchange of debts. It is advised that you must refrain from making investment. Journey through the mode of water transportation should be seriously avoided. To settle the negativity of stars, donate rice, gram and jaggery in a temple.

Pisces Horoscope 2014

2014 is a beneficial year for you. Though you will have the influence of Dhaiya of Saturn over you, still Jupiter will act as a boon for you. Harmony will prevail in your home and you will enjoy good and healthy life. Horoscope 2014 is showing stars of purchase of new home or vehicle. For matters of love affairs and marriage, second half of the year is on your side. However, stress in marital life is possible after July as a result of transit of Rahu in your 7th house. Astrology forecasts investment of money for the expansion and growth of your business. During this time, seniors will appreciate you and will be very supportive. You may begin something new while putting your ideas into actions. You are very lucky during this time as improvement in your income is also expected. Caution is necessary for those working in partnerships. Horoscope 2014 says, this time is beneficial for the students, especially for those willing to go abroad for studies, the time is excellent. To gain maximum benefits, keep a square piece of silver in your pocket.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Tale of Two Kids

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Once upon a time, there used to live two kids in a small town - Rahul and Narendra. They were neighbors, and like most of the neighbors, they didn’t like each other much. And the bone of contention was – both wanted to be head boy of their class. Rahul’s family was rich and powerful unlike that of Narendra. And Rahul, like most of the spoilt brats, was arrogant and thus not answerable to others. He used to go to foreign for prolonged holidays and was rarely visible. While Narendra was regarded quite arrogant and obnoxious too, he was still seen as a studious kid who performed well in all sorts of exams.

There were certain striking similarities and dissimilarities between the two. Both were essentially there because of the backing of their “Pariwaar” or family. While Narendra’s family members were fond of wearing knickers, Rahul’s liked to wear a tag – “family of martyrs”. When it came to fashion, both of they put most emphasis on sleeves. Rahul liked to roll up his sleeves with anger on his face. Narendra preferred sporting short sleeves even in utmost cold of Delhi. Rahul also had this uncanny habit of tearing answer sheets of other kids. Once he did it to his fellow classmate Akhilesh.

However, the best thing about Rahul was his looks and his friends in the class used to call him the “kid icon” of the school. On the other hand, Narendra had a facial blemish that he acquired during a squabble between two sections of kids when he was monitor of that class. He always claimed that he had nothing to do with this squabble and tried to prevent it, but some kids who liked to put on Kurtas, spectacles and Chappal while carrying Jhola bags always condemned him. The gang of these kids was called “intellectual kids” during those days. Surprisingly, they wore the spectacles with the lenses in red color, and therefore, whatever they saw was through the red colored lenses. Well, this chap Narendra was also quite stubborn and never yielded to their demand of apologizing to school for that squabble.

For the post of head boy, both worked hard and it took a toll on them emotionally. Rahul sobbed with his mother at nights. Narendra stopped listening even to his “Pariwaar” and people started labeling him as a dictator.

Well, this was going to be a long story but I cannot write it any further, because I’m facing writer's block now. I wish I’d overcome it soon after May-June 2014. I assure you I am going to complete this story for sure. Till then, bbye friends!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Horoscope 2013 Astrology - 2013 Predictions

Zodiac shows 12 signs of horoscopes
Horoscope 2013 astrology is the matter of interest for people. Almost everyone in this world has some interest in reading his/her horoscope. Who doesn’t wants to know the future? We all know that what will happen tomorrow is a mystery. To unfold this mystery we have brought for you the horoscope 2013 predictions, so that you may know about the possible events that might take place in your future. People want to know the future events in advance. Knowing the future beforehand makes easier for you to plan your coming days and tactfully face those problems that might appear before you. To make your coming days easy, we have compiled a comprehensive horoscope 2013 astrology that contains predictions about everything that is relevant to you.

Check your horoscope 2013 now

Scroll down and find your corresponding zodiac sign. Just one click will take you to your predictions.

Do you have a keen interest in knowing your future? If your answers is ‘yes’, then you are at the right place. Horoscope 2013 encapsulates almost everything that is important for you. There are so many aspects of life and each aspect has its own importance. You cannot overlook any one aspect, as everything is interconnected. If your finances are going well, then your family life will also be good. There would be less of conflicts in the family related to money. Moreover, you will feel satisfied and peaceful. In the same manner, if the atmosphere in the family is not co-operative, you will not be satisfied with your professional life as well. Therefore, we have covered everything that brings your life back on track and you can easily face all the adverse situations.

Our detailed horoscope 2013 will enable you to know everything about each and every field of your life. The horoscope 2013 includes predictions for health, family, love, finance, education and all other relevant fields. What else one wants when everything is present here in a very lucid and understandable language. You can read your horoscope according to your respective sign and get to know everything that you wish for. You can prepare yourself in advance in order to face any forthcoming problem.

When one reads the horoscope, he/she expects everything to be favorable. Remember, life is just like a seesaw, ups and downs. Nothing lasts forever and so is the case with happiness. If you have seen good times then you have to witness bad times as well. You might get worried reading anything unfavorable in the predictions for your respective zodiac. But, you need not to worry. In horoscope 2013, we are also providing you the remedies to lower the effects of any adverse situation. You can perform these remedies in order to face any problem with ease. The remedies are very effective and give the best results.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the links and check out the horoscope 2013 for you. See what destiny has in store for you and how the coming year will shape.

Check your horoscope 2013

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2013 Horoscope 2013 in Hindi for Free - Hindi Rashifal 2013

aries-horoscope-2013-astrology etc
Hindi Blogs is offering you a comprehensive and lucid horoscope 2013 astrology in Hindi. Here you get to read your horoscope for 2013 with all the relevant details. All the important aspects of an individual’s life are included in this horoscope for the year 2013. With the predictions for 2013 you will get an idea about all the possible events of the year that will take place in your life. Family, career, love, education, job etc, play a very crucial role in one’s life. It is important to bring balance in each and every part of life. If one part of life is disturbed, it may seem impossible to find happiness in other aspects of life. In your horoscope for 2013, you will get to know about all the probable happenings so that you can manage everything in your life by knowing about its condition beforehand. 2013 horoscope is based on the predictions done by learned astrologers so that you lead a happy and prosperous life in 2013.

Aries horoscope 2013 astrology

 The year 2013 will bring lots of ups and downs for you, as per the forecasts by horoscope 2013 astrology. You will experience many cheerful moments. Still, you will not feel satisfied with your life. You are advised to take the decisions related to family, money, career, health and family very carefully. Otherwise, you might have to face certain drawbacks in the coming time. You need not to worry about money matters. Money will constantly flow in. An increase in income is also seen that will lead to more savings. You will stay strong in the year 2013,says astrology 2013 and will deal with each and every situation very calmly and tactfully. Avoid doing things that might deteriorate your health. The year is also beneficial for the students. They just need to be careful while choosing the institution or the college for further studies.

Taurus horoscope 2013 astrology

According to horoscope 2013 predictions, this is a very good year for people belonging to Taurus sign. They will achieve success in every task that they take up. All they need to do is to keep patience to achieve all the happiness that you desire. It might take some time to get success but you will surely get it. In terms of family, love and career, the year will be very fruitful. You must take care of your health. Avoid taking risks as far as your health is concerned. Family life will be good and your love life will stay harmonious. Those who are single might get engaged and even get married. Some issues might arise at your workplace that can be easily overcome with your intelligence hard work. This is a good year for the students.

Gemini horoscope 2013 astrology

The most calm and composed sign of all is Gemini. And these qualities will help you to get through this year. The situations for you are not very favorable this year, as per Astrology 2013 Your family and loved ones will take your thoughts in a negative manner. Keep the relationships safe. Trust only those whom you love as this year you might get cheated or backstabbed. Your friends might ditch you. You might also have to face some difficulties at your workplace. Think twice before taking up any work. As the year 2013 does not look very good for you, so do not take huge risks especially in case of money and investments. Any small business will reap profits. Stay careful of getting into legal issues.

Cancer horoscope 2013 astrology

Horoscope 2013 predicts that 2013 is the year of hard work. You are going to stress yourself with loads of work at workplace and responsibilities at your home. It is good to be generous but better look at both sides of the coin. Do not blame yourself for the things that you have not done. The year is looking positive from the side of money, career and love. 2013 is bringing a lot of love in your life. Avoid little fights and arguments with your loved ones and only enjoy your love life. Work pressure will lead to extreme stress. There are chances that you might commence a new business. You might also get profit related to some foreign business. Taking too many risks will lead you to loss. Stay cautious, says astrology 2013 fro you.

Leo horoscope 2013 astrology

The year 2013 will stay very lucky for you, according to your horoscope for 2013. Anything that you touch will turn to gold and if not, it will give profits in some or the other way. You will possibly get a chance to expand your business and that will ultimately lead to higher earning and higher savings. Trust your abilities but do not feel over confident about anything. The year is very good to invest money. Students will get fruitful results this year. Your love relation will get deeper in the year 2013. An improvement is seen in family relations and environment at home will stay harmonious. You will be blessed with mental peace in the year 2013.

Virgo horoscope 2013 astrology

According to astrology 2013, this year you are going to devote your time to your family and love. You will indulge into religious activities.  You might also plan a long holiday trip with your family. This will strengthen your relation with your family and an environment of love and happiness will prevail. Your health will stay good this year too. The matters related to money, love and career will bring fruitful results, predicts your horoscope 2013. Situations will keep on changing. At one point of time you feel on top of the world and at the other time you will feel too depressed and taken for granted. The year 2013 will bring respect and praise for the work that you did at your workplace. Stay cautious while investing your money. You might also travel this year for business purposes.

Libra horoscope 2013 astrology

You are considered to be the most satisfied sign of all, but the situations of the year 2013 will dissatisfy you, says horoscope 2013 astrology. The year is indicating many unfavorable situations for you due to which you might get upset. Adverse situations will lead to decline in health, faith and mental peace. Take extreme care in handling the situations related to home and affairs of love life. Before starting anything new in your career, analyze things very carefully and take the opinion of experienced people. An old partnership might come to an end due to dissatisfaction. Think wisely before spending money. It is not a good time to take risks. Astrology 2013 predicts for students that they should work harder in order to achieve desired results.

Scorpio horoscope 2013 astrology

The year 2013 is a mixed bag, forecasts horoscope 2013. Your life will be like a roller coaster ride, but in a positive way. The happy moments will be enjoyed by you in a childlike manner. Atmosphere at home will stay peaceful but some clashes are seen, that might upset you. Ill health of family member or someone close might upset you. However, you will stay healthy this year. You will spend a great time with the person you love. For love matters you have to stay alert in the latter half of the year. The year is good for the matters related to love, career, money and education. Put thorough efforts in everything you do. Only then you will get success. You will not be much successful in saving money in the year, says astrology 2013 horoscope.

Sagittarius horoscope 2013 astrology

The year 2013 will fascinate you in some or the other way. You will now be mature and handle the situations wisely. Astrology 2013 predicts that the first half of the year will make you feel stressed from the family’s side. But, with time your problems will find a solution. Take extreme care of your health as even a little negligence might cost you a lot. Your stubborn attitude will lead to loss of a relationship. Married people will feel blessed as the time for them is really good. However, the year is not very good for career. You are very hard working and you put all your efforts in everything you do. But, this year you might not get the results that you are expecting. The year 2013 is indicating financial stability.

Capricorn horoscope 2013 astrology 

As per horoscope 2013, the year is giving you a chance to recreate your life. Matters related to love will give you extreme pleasure. However, from family’s side you will stay a bit upset. The environment at home might not stay very harmonious in the latter half of the year. You are rising in your career and you need to take care of it in the future as well. You will attain a lot of respect and fame related to your career in 2013. Your understanding nature will bloom your relationship. The year is very positive in terms of money as well. However, think twice before investing. according to your astrology in 2013, it is a good time for the students.

Aquarius horoscope 2013 astrology

The year 2013 is wonderful for you. The year is extremely good for you according to your horoscope for 2013. The love and affection that you receive from the people will fill you with happiness and joy. At times, your ego will rise. The broad mindset will be very helpful for you. Some seasonal disease might affect you. You might also go to some holy pilgrimage with your loved ones. You will get to work with some highly experienced people. The year is going to be very good from the career’s aspect as well. You might also get promoted due to the hard work you put in anything you do. Regular flow of income will keep you happy.

Pisces horoscope 2013 astrology

2013 is a not time to rely on people, predicts horoscope 2013. This is time to trust your abilities and move forward with them. You will work for the upliftment of your family, which sadly won’t be appreciated by the family members. Keep an eye over your health as you might have to face certain problems. Small health issues might take a huge shape if left untreated. Do not take love relationships for granted. Stay firm on all the decisions that you take. 2013 is not looking very good in terms of career. Getting involved into a heated argument with senior might ruin your position and will affect you negatively. Financial position will not stay very strong. astrology 2013 advises you to avoid any kind of investment in 2013.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Satyanarayan Aarti - Arti of Sri Satyanarayana

After Satyanarayan Puja and recitation of Sri Satyanarayana Vrat Katha, aarti of Satyanarayana is sung:

Jai Lakshmi Ramana, Swami Jai Lashmi Ramana, Satyanarayan Swami, Jan Patak Harana, Jai Lakshmi Ramana

Ratan Ja Rat Singhasan, Adhbut Chabee Rajey Narad Kahat Niranjan, Ghanta dhun bhajey Jai Lakshmi Ramana.............

Praghat Bhaye Kali Karan, Dwaj Ko Daras Diya Budha Brahman Bankey, Kanchan Mahal Kiya Jai Lakshmi Ramana.............

Durbal Bhil Kathier, Jan Par Kripa Karey Chandra Choor Ik Raja, Jinaki Vipat Hare Jai Lakshmi Ramana.............

Vayesh Manorath Payo, Shradha Uj Dini So Fal Bhogyo Prabhji, Fer Ustati Kini Jai Lakshmi Ramana.............

Bhav Bhagti Ke Karan, Chhin Chhin Roop Dharya Sharda Dharan Kini, Tin Ka Karj Sarya Jai Lakshmi Ramana.............

Gwal Bal Sang Raja, Ban Mein Bhagti Karey Man Vanchit Fal Dino, Deen Dayal Harey Jai Lakshmi Ramana.............

Charhat Prasad Sawayo, Kadali Fal Mewa Doop Dheep Tulsi Se, Raje Sat Deva Jai Lakshmi Ramana.............

Shri Satya Narayan Ji Ki Aarti jo koi gaavey Kahat Shianand Swami Man Van Chit Fal Paavey Jai Lakshmi Ramana.............

Shri Vishnu Aarti

Om jai jagdish harey, Swami jai jagdish harey Bhagt jano ke sankat, shan mein door karey Om jai jagdish harey

Jo Dhiyavay phal pavay dukh binase man ka Swami dukh binase man ka Sukh Sampati ghar aavey kasht mitay tan ka Om jai jagdish harey

Mat Pita tum mere, sharan pau kisaki Swami sharan pau kisaki Tum bin aur na duja aash karoo jisaki Om jai jagdish harey

Tum pooran parmatma tum antaryami Swami tum antaryami Par Brahm parmeshwar tum sabke swami Om jai jagdish harey

Tum karuna ke sagar tum palan karta Swami tum palan karta Mae murakh kul kami kripa karo bharta Om jai jagdish harey

Tum ho ek agochar sabh ke pranpati Swami sabh ke pranpati Kisa bida milu gusai tumko mae kumati Om jai jagdish harey

Din Bandu dukh harta thakur tum mere Swami thakur tum mere Apne hath uthao, apnay charan lagao Dwar khada tere Om jai jagdish harey

Vishay vikar mitao pap haro deva Swami pap haro deva Sharda Bhakti Badao, Santan ki sewa Om jai jagdish harey

Satyanarayan Katha in Hindi

Sri Satya Narayan

Shri Satyanarayan Vrat Katha in Hindi

Saryanarayan Puja ke sath Satyanarayana Vrat Katha ka paath karein.


Satyanarayan Katha Ka Pehla Adhyaya

Ek Samay Nem Sharanya Tirth mein Saunik Adi Athaasi Hazaar Rishyo ne Shri Sutji se poocha --"Hey Prabhu, Is Kalyug mein Vaid-Vidya rahit manushyo ko prabhu bhakti kis prakar milaygi tatha unka udhar kaisey hoga? Isliye hey muni shreshta, koi aisa tap kahiye jis se thodey samay mein punya prapt ho tatha mano vanchit fal miley."

Sarvashastra ghyata Shri Sutji boley, "Hey Vaishnavo mein pujya - aap sab ne sarva praniyo ke hit ki baat poochi hai. Ab mein us shreshta vrat ko aap logo mein kahoonga, jis vrat ko Narad ji ne LakshmiNarayan se poocha tha aur Shri LakshmiPati ne Muni Shreshta Narad se kaha tha --so dhyan se suniye.

Ek samay, Yogiraj Narad ji doosro ke hit ki ichcha se, anek lokon mein ghoomtey huey mrityulok mein aa pahunchey. Vahan bahut yoniyon mein janmey huey praya sabhi manushyon ko apne karmo ke dwara anek dukho se peedit dhek kar kis yatna ke karney se nischay hi inkey dukho ka nash ho sakega, aisa man mein sochkar Vishnulok ko gaye. Vahan shwet varna aur char bhujaon wale devon ke eersh Narayan ko (jinkey haaton mein shanka, chakra, gada aur padma they, tatha vanmala pahney huey they) dekhkar stuti karney lagey. "Hey Bhagwan, aap atyant shakti se samparn hai. Man tatha vani bhi aapko nahi pa sakti, aapka aadi, madhya aur ant nahin hai, nirgun swaroop shrishti ke aadi bhoot va bhakto ke dukho ko nasht karney wale hai. Aapko mera namaskar hai."

Naradji se is prakaar stuti sunkar Vishnu Bhagwan boley ki "Hey Munishreshta - Aapke man mein kya hai? Aapka yahan kis kaam ke liye aagman hua hai? Nisankoj kaho." Tab Naradmuni boley, "Mrityu lok mein sab manushya jo anek yoniyo mein paida huey hai, apne apne karmo ke dwara anek prakaar ke dukho se dukhi ho rahey hai. Hey Nath muj par daya rakhtey hai to batlaeay ki un manushyo ke sab dukh thodey se hi prayatna se kaisey door ho saktey hai?" Shri Vishnu Bhagwanji boley ki "Hey Narad, Manushyo ki bhalai ke liye tumne yeh bahut achchi baat poochi. Jis kaam ke karney se manushya moh se choot jaata hai, vah mein kehta hoo suno. Bahut punya ka deney wala, swarg tatha manushya lok dono mein durlab ek vrat hai. Aaj mein premvash hokar tumse kehta hoo. Shri Satyanarayanji ka vrat achchi tarah vidhan purvak karke manushya turant hi yahan sukh bhogkar marne par moksh ko prapt hota hai."

Shri Vishnu Bhagwan ke vachan sunkar Narad ji ne poocha ki us vrat ka kya fal hai, kya vidhan hai, aur kisne yeh vrat kiya hai aur kis din yeh vrat karna chahiye, kripa karke vistaar se bataiye. Shri Vishnu Bhagwan boley, "Dukh shok aadi ko door karne wala, dhan dhanya ko badane wala, saubhagya tatha santaan ko dene wala, sab sthano par vijaye karne wala, Shri Satyanarayan Swami hai. Bhakti aur shradha ke saat kisi bhi din, manushya Shri Satyanarayan ki sham ke samay, Brahmano aur bandhuo ke saath dharmaparayan hokar puja karey, bhakti bhav se savaya prasad de. Gehu ke abhaav mein saathi ka churan, shakar tatha gud le aur sabh bhakshan yogya padarath jama karke savaye arpan kar devey tatha bandhuo sahit bhojan karavey. Bhakti ke saath swayam bhojan karey. Nritya aadi ka aachran kar Shri Satyanarayan Bhagwan ka smaran kar samast samai vyateet karey. Is tarah ka vrat karney par manushyo ki ichcha nischay hi poori hoti hai. Vishesh kar kal kaal mein bhoomi par yahi moksh ka saral upaya hai.


Satyanarayan Katha Ka Doosra Adhyaya

Sutji boley "Hey Rishyo! Jisne pehle samay mein is vrat ko kiya hai uska itihaas kehta hoo, dhyan se suno." Sunder Kashipuri nagari mein ek ati nirdhan Brahman rehta tha. Vah bookh aur pyaas se bechain hua nitya hi prithvi par ghumta tha. Brahmano ko prem karne wale Bhagwan ne Brahman ko dukhi dekhkar, boodey Brahman ka roop dhar uske paas jaakar aadar ke saath poocha, "Hey Vipra! Tu nitya dukhi hua prithvi par kyo ghumta hai? Hey shreshta Brahman! Yeh sab mujse kaho, mein sunana chahata hoo." Brahman bola "Mein nirdhan Brahman hoo, biksha ke liye prithvi par firta hoo. Hey Bhagwan, yadi aap iska upaya jaante ho to kripa karke batao." Vridh Brahman bola ki Satyanarayan Bhagwan manovanchit fal ko dene wala hai. Isliye hey Brahman tu unka pujan kar, jiske karne se manushya sab dukho se mukt hota hai. Brahman ko vrat ka vidhan batakar budey Brahman ka roop dharan karne wale Satyanarayan Bhagwan antardhyan ho gaye. Jis vrat ko vridh Brahman ne batlaya hai, mein usko karoonga. Yeh nischay karne par usey raat mein neend bhi nahi aayi. Vah saverey utha. Shri Satyanarayan ke vrat ke nischay kar biksha ke liye chala. Us din usko biksha mein bahut sa dhan mila jis se bandhu-baandhavo ke saath usne Shri Satyanarayan ka vrat kiya. Iske karne se vah brahman dukho se chutkar anek prakaar ki sampatiyo se yukt hua. Us samay se vah Brahman har maas vrat karne laga. Is tarah Satyanarayan Bhagwan ke is vrat ko jo karega vah sab papo se chutkar mauksh ko prapt hoga. Aagey jo prithvi par Satyanarayan vrat karega, vah manushya sab dukho se chut jayega. Is tarah Naradji ne Shri Narayan ka kaha hua yeh vrat tumse kaha. Hey Vipro! Mein ab aur kya kahu? Rishi boley "Hey Munishwaro! Sansar mein is Brahman se sunkar kis kis ne is vrat ko kiya, hum vah sab sunana chahatey hain. Iske liye humarey man mein shradha hai. Sutji boley "Hey Muniyo! Jis Jisne us vrat ko kiya hai vah sab suno. Ek samay vah Brahman, dhan aur aishwarya ke anusaar bandhu-baandhavo ke saath vrat karne ko tayar hua. Usi samay ek lakdi bechney wala ek buda aaya aur bahar lakadiyo ko rakhkar Brahman ke makan mein gaya. Pyaas se dukhi lakadharey ne Brahman ko vrat kartey dekhkar namaskar karkey poochney laga ki aap yeh kya kar rahey hai aur iskey karney se kya fal milta hai? Kripa karkey mujse kahiye. Brahman ne kaha, "Sab manokamnao ko poora karne wala, yeh Satyanarayan ka vrat hai. Iski hi kripa se mere yahan dhan-dhanya aadi ki vridhi hui hai." Brahman se is vrat ke barey mein jaankar lakadhara bahut prasan hua. Charnamrit lekar aur prasad khaney ke baad, apne ghar ko gaya.

Lakadharey ne man mein is prakaar ka sankalp kiya ki aaj gram mein lakdi bechney se jo dhan mujhe milega usi se Shri Satyanarayan Bhagwan ka uttam mein vrat karoonga. Yeh man mein vichar kar, budha lakadhara lakadiya sar par rakhkar Sundernagar mein gaya. Us roz vahan par usey un lakadiyo ka daam pehle dino se chauguna mila. Tab budha lakadhara daam lekar aur ati prasan hokar pakkey kele ki fali, shakar, ghee aur dahi, gehu ka chun ityadi Satyanarayan Bhagwan ki vrat ki kul samagriyo ko lekar apne ghar gaya. Phir usne apne sab bhaiyo ko bulakar vidhi ke saath Bhagwan ji ka pujan aur vrat kiya. Us vrat ke prabhav se budha lakadhara dhan, putra, aadi se yukt hua aur sansar ke samast sukh bhogkar vaikunth ko chala gaya.


Satyanarayan Katha Ka Teesra Adhyaya

Sutji bole, "Hey shresta muniyo! Ab aagey ki katha kehta hoo- suno. Pehle samay mein Ulkamukh naam ka ek budhimaan raja tha. Vah satyavakta aur jeetendra tha. Pratidin dev sthano mein jaata tatha garibo ko dhan dekar unkey kasht door karta tha. Uski patni kamal ke samaan mukh wali aur sati sadhvi thi. Badrashila nadi ke tath par un dono ne Satyanarayan Bhagwan ka vrat kiya. Usi samay mein vahan ek sadhu vaishya aaya. uske paas vyapaar ke liye bahut sa dhan tha. Nav ko kinarey par thehra kar raja ke paas gaya aur raja ko vrat kartey huey dekh kar vinay ke saath poochney laga--Hey rajan! Bhaktiyukt chit se aap kya kar rahey hai? Meri bhi sunaney ki ichcha hai. Yeh aap mujhe bataea.

Raja bola "Hey Sadhu! Apne baandhavo ke saath putradi ke prapti ke liye Mahashaktivaan Satyanarayan Bhagwan ka vrat va pujan kiya ja raha hai.

Raja ke vachan sunkar Sadhu aadar ke saath bola, "Hey rajan! Mujko iska sabh vidhan kahiye, mein bhi aapke katha anusar is vrat ko karoonga. Meri bhi koi santaan nahi hai aur is se nischay hi hogi. Raja se sabh vidhan sunkar, vyapaar se nivrit hokar, aanand ke saath ghar gaya. Sadhu ne apni stri se santaan dene wale us vrat ka samachar sunaya aur kaha ki jab meri santaan hogi tab mein is vrat ko karoonga. Sadhu ne aise vachan apni stri Lilawanti ko kahey. Kuch samay baad, Lilawanti garbawati hui tatha dasve mahiney mein uske ek sunder kanya ka janam hua jiska naam Kalawanti rakha gaya. Tab Lilawanti ne meethe shabdo mein apne pati se kaha ki aapne jo sankalp kiya hua tha ki Bhagwan ka vrat karoonga, ab aap usey kariye. Sadhu bole, Hey priya! Iske vivah par karoonga. Apni patni ko aashvaasan dekar voh nagar ko gaya. Kalawanti pitragrah mein vridhi ko prapt ho gayi. Sadhu ne jab nagar mein sakhiyo ke saath apni putri ko dekha to turant hi doot ko bulakar kaha ki putri ke vastey koi suyogya var dekh kar laao. Sadhu ki aagya paakar doot Kanchan Nagar pahuncha aur vahan par badi khoj kar aur dekhbhaal kar ladki ke vaastey suyogya vanik putra ko le aaya. Us suyogya ladke ko dekh kar, Sadhu ne apne bhai-bandhuo sahit prasan-chit apni putri ka vivah uske saath kar diya. Kintu, durbhagya se vivah ke samay bhi us vrat ko karna bhool gaya. Tab Shri Bhagwan krodhit ho gaye aur usey shrap diya ki voh daarun dukh prapt hoga.

Apne kaam mein kushal sadhu baniya apne jaamata sahit samudra ke samip Ratanpur nagar pahuncha. Aur vahan dono sasur jamai, Chandraketu Raja ke nagar mein pahunche aur vyapaar karney lagey. Ek roz, Bhagwan Satyanarayan ki maya se prerit koi chor raja ka dhan churakar sheegra ja raha tha kintu peechey se raja ke dooton ko aatey dekh kar, chor ne ghabrakar bhaagtey-bhaagtey dhan ko vahin chup-chap rakh diya jahan vah dono sasur jamai thehrey huey they. Dooton ne us sadhu vaishya ke paas raja ke dhan ko rakha dekh kar dono ko baandhkar le gaye aur prasanta se daudtey huey raja ke samip jaakey boley, "Yeh do chor hum pakad kar laye hai, dekh kar agya de." Raja ki agya se unko kathin kaaravaas mein daal diya aur unka dhan raja ne cheen liya. Usi shrap dwara uski patni bhi ghar par bahut dukhi hui aur ghar par jo dhan rakha tha chor churakar le gaye. Sharirik va mansik peeda mein bookh va pyaas se ati dukhit ho ann ki chinta mein, Kalawanti ek Brahman ke ghar gaye. Vahan usne Satyanarayan vrat hotey dekha. Vahan usne katha suni aur prasad grahan kar raat ko ghar aayi. Mata ne Kalawanti se kaha, "Hey putri! Din mein kahan rahi va tere man mein kya hai?" Kalawanti boli, "Hey mata! maine ek Brahman ke ghar Satyanarayan ka vrat dekha." Kanya ka vachan sunkar, Lilawanti Satyanarayan Bhagwan ke pujan ki tayari karney lagi. Lilawanti ne parivar aur bandhuo sahit Bhagwan ka pujan kiya aur yeh var maanga ki mere pati aur daamaad sheegra hi aa jaavey aur prathna ki ki hum sab ka apraadh shama karo. Satyanarayan Bhagwan is vrat se santusht ho gaye aur Raja Chandraketu ko swapna mein dekhayee diye aur kaha ki "Hey rajan! Dono bandhi vaishyon ko prat hi chod do aur unka sab dhan jo tumne grahan kiya hai de do nahi to tera dhan, rajya, putradi sab nasht kar doonga." Raja ko aisa vachan sunakar Bhagwan antardhyan ho gaya. Prat-Kaal Raja Chandraketu ne sabha mein apna swapna sunaya aur dono vanik putro ko kaid se mukt kar sabha mein bulaya. Dono ne aatey hi Raja ko namaskar kiya. Raja meethey vachno se boley, "Hey Mahanubhavo! Bhagyavash aisa katheen dukh prapt hua hai, ab koi bhay nahi hai." Aisa kahkar Raja ne unko naye-naye vastrabushan pehnaye tatha unka jitna dhan liya tha us se duna dhan dilvakar vida kiya. Dono vaishya apne ghar ko chal diye.


Satyanarayan Katha Ka Chautha Adhyaya

Sutji boley, "Vaishya ne mangalachar karke yatra aarambh ki aur apne nagar ko chala. Unkey thodi door pahunchney par dandi veshdhari Satyanarayanji ne un se poocha, "Hey sadhu! teri naav mein kya hai? Abhimani vaanik hasta hua bola, "Hey dandi, aap kyon poochtey ho? Kya dhan lene ki ichcha hai? Meri naav mein to bel tatha pattey adi bharey hai. Vaishya ka kathor vachan sunkar, Bhagwan ne kaha ki tumhara vachan satya ho. Aisa kahkar dandi vaha se chaley gaye aur kuch door jaakar samudra ke kinarey baith gaye. Dandi ke jaaney par vaishya ne nitya kriya karne ke baad naav ko oonchi uthi dekh achamba kiya tatha naav mein bel patradi dekh murchit ho gir pada. Phir murcha khulney par bahut shok karne laga. Tab uska daamaad bola ki aap shok na karey, yeh dandi ka shrap hai. Aapko sharan mein chalna chahiye tabhi hamari manokamna poori hogi. Damad ke vachan sunkar vah dandi ke paas pahuncha. Bhakti bhav se namaskar kar bola, "Maine jo aap se asatya vachan kahey they us ko shama karo, aisa kahkar vah mahan shokatur ho roney lagey. Dandi Bhagwan boley, "Hey vanik putra! Meri aagya se tumhe baar-baar dukh prapt hua hai. Tu meri puja se vimukh hua hai." Sadhu bola, "Hey Bhagwan! Aapki maya se mohit gyani aapke roop ko nahi jaantey, tab mein agyani kaise jaan loo? Aap prasan hoiay, mein saamarth ke anusaar aapki puja karoonga. Meri raksha karo aur pehle ke samaan, nauka mein dhan bhar do." Un dono ke bhaktiyukt vachan sunkar Bhagwan prasan ho gaye. Uski ichanusar var dekar antardhyan ho gaye. Tab unho ne naav par aakar dekha ki naav dhan se paripurn hai. Phir vah Bhagwan Satyanarayan ka pujan kar saathiyo sahit apne nagar ko chala. jab vah apne nagar ke nikat pahuncha tab doot ko ghar bheja. Doot ne sadhu ke ghar jakar, uske stri ko namaskar karke kaha ki sadhu apne daamaad sahit is nagar ke samip aa gaye hai. Aisa vachan sunkar Lilawanti ne bade harsh ke saath Bhagwan Satyanarayan ka pujan kar putri se kaha mein apne pati ke darshano ko jaati hoo, tu karya purna karke sheegra aana. Mata ke vachan sunkar Kalawanti prasad chhodkar pati ke paas gaye. Prasad ki avagya ke karan Bhagwan Satyanarayan ne rusht hokar uske pati ko naav sahit pani mein duba diya. Kalawanti apne pati ko na dekhkar roti hui zameen par gir gayi. Is tarah naav ko dooba hua tatha kanya ko rota dekh sadhu dukhit ho bola, "Hey Prabhu! Mujse ya mere parivar se jo bhool hui usey shama karo. Uske deen vachan sunkar Bhagwan Satyanarayan prasan ho gaye aur aakashvani hui. "Hey Sadhu! Teri kanya mere prasad ko chhodkar aayi hai, isliye iska pati adrishya hua hai. Yadi woh ghar jaakar prasad khaakar lautey to isey pati avashya milega. Aakashwani se aisa sunkar, Kalawanti ne ghar pahunchkar prasad khaaya. Phir us ne aakar pati ke darshan kiye, tab vaishya parivar ke sab log prasan huey. Phir sadhu ne baandhavo sahit Bhagwan Satyanarayan ka vidhi poorvak pujan kiya. Us din se har purnima va sankrant ko Bhagwan Satyanarayan ka pujan karne laga. Phir is lok ka sukh bhogkar swarg ko chala gaya.


Satyanarayan Katha Ka Paanchva Adhyaya

Sutji boley, "Hey Rishyo! Mein aur bhi katha kehta hoo, suno. Praja palan mein leen, Tungadhwaj naam ka raja tha. Usne bhi Bhagwan ka prasad tyag kar bahut dookh paaya. Ek samay, vanmein ja karke pashuo ko maarkar bud ke ped ke neechey aaya. Us ne bhaktibhav se gwalo ko baandhavo sahit Bhagwan Satyanarayan ka pujan karte dekha. Raja dekhkar bhi, abhimaan vash na vahan gaya, na namaskar kiya. Jab gwalo ne Bhagwan ka us ke saamne prasad rakha, to vah prasad ko tyag kar apni sunder nagri ko chala gaya. Vahan us ne apna sab kuch nasht paaya. To vah samaj gaya ki yeh sabh kuch prasad ke niradhar ke vajai se hua hai. Tab vah, vishwas kar gwalo ke samip gaya aur vidhi poorvak pujan kar prasad khaaya. Bhagwan Satyanarayan ki kripa se sab jaisa tha vaisa hi ho gaya. Tatha sukh bhogkar marne par swarg lok mein gaya. Jo manushya is param durlab vrat ko karega, Bhagwan ki kripa se usey dhan dhanya ki prapti hogi. Nirdhan dhani hota hai. Bandhi bandhan se mukt hokar nirbhay ho jaata hai. Santaanheeno ko santaan prapt hoti hai. Sab manorath purna hokar ant mein vaikunth dham ko jaata hai. Jinhonay, pehle is vrat ko kiya hai, uske doosrey janam ki katha kehta hoo. Vridh Shatanand Brahman ne Sudama ka janam lekar mauksh paaya. Ulkamukh naam ka raja Dashrath hokar vaikunth ko prapt hua. Sadhu naam ke vaishya ne Mordhwaj bankar apne putra ko aare se cheerkar moksh prapt kiya. Maharaj Tungadhwaj ne swayam-bhu hokar Bhagwan ke bhaktyukt karm kar moksh ko prapt kiya.

|| Iti Shri Satyanarayan Vrat Kathayaam Panchmodhyaya Samapt ||

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