Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hindi News

Read quality news in Hindi
Several news channels are available in Hindi. Similarly, Hindi has some of the newspapers with largest circulations in the world. However, when it comes to quality Hindi news portals, I do not see ample good options. Still, there are some very good Hindi news websites and today I am going to talk about one of these websites I have recently come to know. News in Hindi

According to me, HindiLok is one of the best online websites that provides news in Hindi. Unlike other websites of this vertical, HindiLok has a unique perspective and contains some of very interesting sections. Everybody would find something or the other of their interest to read and enjoy. Though, its layout doesn’t look very dynamic, still the content is very nice that gives this Hindi website a special place and wide reader base. Click here to visit this unique Hindi portal - Hindi News Online.

News in Hindi Fonts

Previously, Hindi fonts were a big issue for most of the Hindi news websites. Before Unicode era, people needed to download particular Hindi font used on a website to read the content in Hindi. Even after Unicode became popular, there were and there are several websites that still are using old Hindi fonts. It creates a lot of hassle for Hindi readers and, we have every reason to believe, repels them from even those Hindi portals that have good content available.

However, this is a very good website on this front as it uses Unicode Hindi font. It facilitates readers a lot. Also, the presentation, font-size and color scheme create an overall readable content. In short, there is no technical problem with this website that I faced on various other Hindi websites and blogs.

Some Nice Features of This Hindi News Portal 

  • Articles of eminent people in Hindi
  • Hindi interviews of celebrities including Bollywood stars and politicians
  • Though, you can read world news here, but special focus on news of India in Hindi
  • While some important event takes place, you can sometimes find Hindi news live here
  • Dainik Hindi news i.e. everyday news can be read here
  • Along with thought provoking articles, light stuff like Hindi movies news and Hindi jokes etc too
  • A lot of content can be found here for those who like Hindi horoscope, astrology and Hindi Jyotish.
  • Special section on social media in Hindi
Overall, this seems to be a very good Hindi news portal. However, there is a lot of scope for improvement, yet content-wise this is certainly one of the best website I’ve seen in recent times. Visit this website here - News in Hindi.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hindi Horoscope

Astrology, in itself, is a great science that has many aspects to it. When you delve deep into the subject you will realize that there is so much to understand and so much to explore. It is indeed difficult to believe that planet’s have such a significant influence in shaping lives. I, too, was the kinds who saw no reason in Astrology few years ago, but then today I must share with you an experience that changed my disbelief in Astrology.

Browsing through the net, and going through several sites on Zodiac signs, Astrology, Horoscope I came across this Hindi Horoscope website - That was it. Going through the site I just couldn’t get my eyes off it. It had so much to offer to visitors and so much to share, educate about astrology, that too, with such valid explanations that you yourself will vouch by it once you start exploring its services.

Horoscope in Hindi

Especially interesting is the Hindi Horoscope section on It’s so simple to make your birth chart in Hindi here. Once you’ve done that you have a comprehensive analysis of your Horoscope in English as well as Hindi Horoscope. Well, one can easily choose their preferred language here and get varied types of analysis here: Hindi Horoscope analysis using Lal Kitab system, Hindi Horoscope analysis using Vedic astrology etc. The Horoscope in Hindi given here will talk about your character, habits and your destiny, the predictions will help you monitor your actions, thoughts, words and prepare you to face the future.

Check out this website - Hindi Horoscope.

This Hindi website was introduced to my by my friend Rahul. He says, "few years ago my career was in a mess, my family was having a tough time surviving through, I tried everything, my relatives abandoned me and there was nowhere to go. Many friends suggested self motivation books, many asked me to visit ‘babas‘, ‘mandir’ etc . I did everything suggested but never had an answer to the question why was I being targeted for things that I was not inviting in my life. When I came across, and prepared my Hindi Horoscope on it, I realized that so long I had been travelling the wrong path. Tapping the wrong opportunities. I realized my hidden strengths and weaknesses and realized that destiny had decided a different course for me. I consulted an astrologer on their panel starting with skepticism and ending in belief. Having a look at my horoscope he painted my character and destiny in a manner that is unbelievable. Bit by bit, my life was beginning to change and today I cannot deny that a huge credit goes to this online guidence."

Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them if the right guidance is missing, but if you understand what destiny has decided for you, what are the obstacles on your way to success be it in your career, marriage, love or relationship - it’s all there in your horoscope. I‘ve personally had a great experience spending time on AstroSage .com and recommend the same for you to get your horoscope done (free horoscope in English and Hindi Horoscope).

Travelling the course of life I’ve noticed that I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be, that is because destiny has a plan for each of us, this plan is called your horoscope, your birth chart or in hindi your "Janam Kundli". Try this website which is one of the best amongst free online astrological services, it’s genuine, worth your time and trust and more importantly it has a panel of well researched learned astrologers.

I specially recommend this site to those interested in Hindi Horoscope. While most astrology websites cater to those visitors who prefer English, you’ll have a different experience being on When I recommend it to my friends and relatives they often end up saying that information on net is always in English, however Astrosage .com is a site with difference, you have an option to go choose Hindi and that is why I love it.

Moving ahead in life I have realized that character and destiny go hand in hand. Destiny gives us love and hate, jealousy and reverence, success, failure, joy, sorrow - to each his or her due depending on your horoscope. All that is ours is the power to choose. This rashifal is worth giving a shot - Hindi horoscope.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hindi Book Online

Cultural Heritage Digital Library in Hindi
Find several Hindi books online
Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages of the world. However, it’s quite difficult to find any quality Hindi book online. Even if you find something, it’s not at one place. Some Hindi books are available here, others are available there. In this scenario, “Cultural Heritage Digital Library” is doing a great job by providing a lot of Hindi stuff including various books in Hindi, Hindi articles,     Hindi stories and poems at once place.

Check out this Hindi book website - Cultural Heritage Digital Library.

Free Hindi Books on Culture of Hindi Speaking Regions

The uniqueness of Cultural Heritage Digital Library lies in its special emphasis on Hindi speaking regions. A lot of content about art and culture of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh can be found in Hindi on this website. Availability of this valuable Hindi literature on these regions is very difficult to spot on Internet. Also, you will get to know about regional literature of Braj, Mithila, Magadh and Banaras etc.

Traditional Hindi Literature

Literature of classical Hindi authors and poets like Kabir, Amir Khusro, Raskhan, Jaysi, Raheem, Tulsidas, Surdas, Keshav, Meera and Premchand etc can also be found here. Various classical Hindi books such as Panchtantra, Hitopadesha, Simhasan Battisi (Singhasan Battisi), stories about Lord Buddha, and Alha Udal etc are also available here. You can read several Hindi books here as well.

Many of the articles here are quite interesting and a treat to read due to their writing style and different viewpoints. Some of the articles are very well researched and, thus, compels you think in a new way. Personally, I found Hindi articles on society in Vedic era, Tesu Jhanjhi, and history of Agra etc. especially interesting.

Art of Hindi Speaking Regions

In this website, you’ll find a lot of content about art, craft and music of Hindi speaking regions. Plenty of Hindi folk songs with regional flavors of Rajasthan and many other stats can be found here. You can savor Qawwali and various other singing styles such as Dhrupad, Tappa, Dadra, Khayal etc in this Hindi website. Digital pictures related to states of Hindi heartland are also available. These pictures depict culture richness of these areas and some of the pictures are of the objects of archeological importance.

This website is developed by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) was established in 1987 as an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Culture, as a centre for research, academic pursuit and dissemination in the field of the arts. This is one of the best Hindi book sites I’ve seen. Check it out - Cultural Heritage Digital Library in Hindi.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

IPL Hindi Website of Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils launched first IPL Hindi website
IPL 5 has just kicked off and all the teams are ready to lock horns with each other. Though, Hindi is the national language of India and most widely spoken language throughout the country, still most of the IPL teams do not have their websites in Hindi. IPL in Hindi is something that seems a distant dream when it comes to presentation, official website, and other aspects of the tournament. Indian Premier League, as described by the BCCI officials, is a tournament that is organized to boost the prospects of Cricket in all regions of India. Even then, it is sad state of affairs that Hindi is being ignored.

However, Virender Sehwag led Delhi Daredevils understood the need of Hindi website for IPL franchise and launched one recently. Virender Sehwag said while launching this IPL Hindi website on March 21st, 2012, “Hindi is the most widely spoken language in our country and I’m ecstatic to see my team’s website in Hindi. I feel proud that Delhi Daredevils has launched first IPL Hindi website. Cricket is being played everywhere including small towns and streets of cities, but there was no website to inform these people about Cricket in their own language. This is one of the finest opportunities for me and for the fans of Delhi Daredevils to connect with each other.”

You can visit Delhi Daredevils’ Hindi website here - IPL Hindi website of Delhi Daredevils.

Sehwag also spoke about Delhi Daredevils and claimed that his team would perform their best to lift the IPL 5 trophy. Delhi Daredevils captain Virender Sehwag told media, “We have some of the best batsmen in our lineup. I am quite satisfied with my team as it looks now. This is the kind of team I wanted. Some of the foreign players have led their respective countries and it would immensely help us. It’s going to be an amazing experience to lead Delhi Daredevils in the presence of some of the best international players.” Check out what Sehwag has to say about Delhi Daredevils’ Hindi website in this youtube video: 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hindi Jyotish

Hindi Kundli .com : Hindi Jyotish Website
Astrology is called “Jyotish” in Hindi. From ignorance to awareness, the science of Jyotish is all about enlightening the inner self, which helps one to plan their future and achieve success and move ahead in life. Astrology or Jyotish, as called in Hindi, has for years helped individuals find solution to many unanswered questions and made lives of so many individuals admirably beautiful and fulfilling. What one needs is  right guidance from a learned scholar or someone who has spent years finding astrological solution to people’s woes and worries. However, we have a cobweb of fake jyotishis or astrologers who have abused this science and made common people skeptical about approaching ‘Jyotish’. My experience with the website was however very different. It seems one of the best in Hindi Jyotish website online because of various reasons.

They provide you the rare available trust and credibility through their panel of astrologers who have dedicated years to understand the mystery of cosmic influence on human destiny and provided people with astrological guidance. "Hindi Kundli" uses Hindi Jyotish to help people avoid pitfalls and take remedial action to achieve a smoother, balanced life, while in pursuit of physical, mental, material well being. And the best thing about it is - most of the features of Jyotish on this website are also available in Hindi. Check out this amazing astrology website - Hindi Kundli : Free Hindi Jyotish Website.

Jyotish, the ongoing practice of ancient times that uses a set of principles to understand a person’s past, present and future. True it is that what has been done cannot be undone but equally true it is that the remedies given by a learned Jyotish can help us avoid making mistakes that you have made due to ignorance.

Hindi Jyotish looks at the planets and their relationships to determine their influences on ones well being, and consequently "Hindi Kundli".com charts our horoscope and make predictions accordingly .It’s not just any other prediction but it’s an accurate and detailed online prediction that is based on the ancient Vedic astrological principles, used to bless you with peace, prosperity, happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

From the depths of ancient history, there is one science that is as relevant today as was years back, which has been preserved and passed down from one generation to another, it is Vedic Jyotish. By going through the bank of articles on "Hindi Kundli".com you will relaize that the subject ‘Jyotish’ is a unique science that unravels mysteries of past, present and explains the future. However, most of the information available on Internet is in English. But, you will find Hindi Jyotish available on this website.

Start with belief and in no time you will agree that "Hindi Kundli" has an answer to all those inexplicable situations that have kept you asking ‘why me?’. Rise up to the realization that destiny has it written for you and acknowledge that what’s written cannot be written off but definitely it’s effect can be reduced and minimized through astrological guidance.I’ve had a wonderful experience exploring the site and so just thought of sharing my experience with you , for nothing gives one more happiness that sharing what can help others.

It’s time you take away the best from observations that have led to the science of jyotish compiled over thousands of years on "Hindi Kundli".com. Understanding the secret messages of the cosmos is not easy; equally true it is that finding a true astrological guidance is not easy. The complex, and brain twisting information needs be compiled and analysed before drawing a conclusion. "Hindi Kundli" has made Hindi jyotish easy to follow and since they are backed by such expert knowledge and guidance courtesy our scholarly panel of astrologers, I know i’m getting the best.

What areas of my life can Hindi Jyotish provide information on?

Relationships: Be it issues related to your close ones, your family and the family dynamics here you have an explanation for everything big or small that matters.

Career: How is destiny influencing your professional success? What can you do make it work in your favour? Is it the right time to think about a switch or not? And several other questions that only astrology has an answer to.

Education: When it’s about your education it destiny and hard work go hand in hand. You could be putting in the very best and still failing in getting the awaited result. Find out what’s wrong and how you can address this using astrology. Whether it’s about studying abroad, getting a visa it’s all easy with astrology.

Finances: Ups and down keep going in matters related to finance. Just incase your business is not doing well, or your financial conditions getting worse day by day you should try hindi Jyotish and find a solution . In no time you will see things change.

Health: There is no wrong in saying health is wealth. Whether it is health concerns related to you or your near dear ones it’s all sorted out here, with astrological remedies.

Here you will find Jyotish that is the original Jyotish from Vedas and those who believe in it will tell you that Jyotish is the only means of understanding the influence of cosmos on our lives. If like me, you too are interested in Hindi Jyotish, explore a plethora of dimensions to Astrology on
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