Monday, April 16, 2012

Hindi Horoscope

Astrology, in itself, is a great science that has many aspects to it. When you delve deep into the subject you will realize that there is so much to understand and so much to explore. It is indeed difficult to believe that planet’s have such a significant influence in shaping lives. I, too, was the kinds who saw no reason in Astrology few years ago, but then today I must share with you an experience that changed my disbelief in Astrology.

Browsing through the net, and going through several sites on Zodiac signs, Astrology, Horoscope I came across this Hindi Horoscope website - That was it. Going through the site I just couldn’t get my eyes off it. It had so much to offer to visitors and so much to share, educate about astrology, that too, with such valid explanations that you yourself will vouch by it once you start exploring its services.

Horoscope in Hindi

Especially interesting is the Hindi Horoscope section on It’s so simple to make your birth chart in Hindi here. Once you’ve done that you have a comprehensive analysis of your Horoscope in English as well as Hindi Horoscope. Well, one can easily choose their preferred language here and get varied types of analysis here: Hindi Horoscope analysis using Lal Kitab system, Hindi Horoscope analysis using Vedic astrology etc. The Horoscope in Hindi given here will talk about your character, habits and your destiny, the predictions will help you monitor your actions, thoughts, words and prepare you to face the future.

Check out this website - Hindi Horoscope.

This Hindi website was introduced to my by my friend Rahul. He says, "few years ago my career was in a mess, my family was having a tough time surviving through, I tried everything, my relatives abandoned me and there was nowhere to go. Many friends suggested self motivation books, many asked me to visit ‘babas‘, ‘mandir’ etc . I did everything suggested but never had an answer to the question why was I being targeted for things that I was not inviting in my life. When I came across, and prepared my Hindi Horoscope on it, I realized that so long I had been travelling the wrong path. Tapping the wrong opportunities. I realized my hidden strengths and weaknesses and realized that destiny had decided a different course for me. I consulted an astrologer on their panel starting with skepticism and ending in belief. Having a look at my horoscope he painted my character and destiny in a manner that is unbelievable. Bit by bit, my life was beginning to change and today I cannot deny that a huge credit goes to this online guidence."

Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them if the right guidance is missing, but if you understand what destiny has decided for you, what are the obstacles on your way to success be it in your career, marriage, love or relationship - it’s all there in your horoscope. I‘ve personally had a great experience spending time on AstroSage .com and recommend the same for you to get your horoscope done (free horoscope in English and Hindi Horoscope).

Travelling the course of life I’ve noticed that I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be, that is because destiny has a plan for each of us, this plan is called your horoscope, your birth chart or in hindi your "Janam Kundli". Try this website which is one of the best amongst free online astrological services, it’s genuine, worth your time and trust and more importantly it has a panel of well researched learned astrologers.

I specially recommend this site to those interested in Hindi Horoscope. While most astrology websites cater to those visitors who prefer English, you’ll have a different experience being on When I recommend it to my friends and relatives they often end up saying that information on net is always in English, however Astrosage .com is a site with difference, you have an option to go choose Hindi and that is why I love it.

Moving ahead in life I have realized that character and destiny go hand in hand. Destiny gives us love and hate, jealousy and reverence, success, failure, joy, sorrow - to each his or her due depending on your horoscope. All that is ours is the power to choose. This rashifal is worth giving a shot - Hindi horoscope.


  1. कमल जी, आपका ब्लॉग बढ़िया है। लेकिन ज्योतिष से जुड़ी इस post पर पीड़ित पतियों सम्बन्धी आपकी टिप्पणी कुछ समझ में नहीं आयी। :-)


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