Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hindi News

Read quality news in Hindi
Several news channels are available in Hindi. Similarly, Hindi has some of the newspapers with largest circulations in the world. However, when it comes to quality Hindi news portals, I do not see ample good options. Still, there are some very good Hindi news websites and today I am going to talk about one of these websites I have recently come to know. News in Hindi

According to me, HindiLok is one of the best online websites that provides news in Hindi. Unlike other websites of this vertical, HindiLok has a unique perspective and contains some of very interesting sections. Everybody would find something or the other of their interest to read and enjoy. Though, its layout doesn’t look very dynamic, still the content is very nice that gives this Hindi website a special place and wide reader base. Click here to visit this unique Hindi portal - Hindi News Online.

News in Hindi Fonts

Previously, Hindi fonts were a big issue for most of the Hindi news websites. Before Unicode era, people needed to download particular Hindi font used on a website to read the content in Hindi. Even after Unicode became popular, there were and there are several websites that still are using old Hindi fonts. It creates a lot of hassle for Hindi readers and, we have every reason to believe, repels them from even those Hindi portals that have good content available.

However, this is a very good website on this front as it uses Unicode Hindi font. It facilitates readers a lot. Also, the presentation, font-size and color scheme create an overall readable content. In short, there is no technical problem with this website that I faced on various other Hindi websites and blogs.

Some Nice Features of This Hindi News Portal 

  • Articles of eminent people in Hindi
  • Hindi interviews of celebrities including Bollywood stars and politicians
  • Though, you can read world news here, but special focus on news of India in Hindi
  • While some important event takes place, you can sometimes find Hindi news live here
  • Dainik Hindi news i.e. everyday news can be read here
  • Along with thought provoking articles, light stuff like Hindi movies news and Hindi jokes etc too
  • A lot of content can be found here for those who like Hindi horoscope, astrology and Hindi Jyotish.
  • Special section on social media in Hindi
Overall, this seems to be a very good Hindi news portal. However, there is a lot of scope for improvement, yet content-wise this is certainly one of the best website I’ve seen in recent times. Visit this website here - News in Hindi.

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