Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Love Hindi

I Love Hindi
I love Hindi, and I feel proud that it’s my mother tongue. As I’m saying this I affirm – Hindi isn’t just a language. It is affection a mother pours on her child. It’s the fragrance of soil after rain. It’s the vastness one feels when one witnesses great Himalayas. I love Hindi, because it’s the expression of my emotions, because it gives words to all my feelings. This moment, when you’re reading why I love Hindi, and why you all love Hindi, many unanswered questions are troubling me. Let’s use the credible platform of Hindi Blogs to figure it out. Let’s try to find out the answers of some of these questions together.

The first question that comes to my mind is – what’s Hindi? Is it a fabricated language created by pseudo linguists? Can a language be created and propagated by people sitting in air-conditioned rooms? Can mental gymnastics by few direct the progress of a language? Now, while writing this, I have a simple answer for these people – they won’t dictate what Hindi should be anymore. The majestic river of Hindi would break all artificial dams. Peasants reap Hindi in their fields, laborers construct Hindi on various sites, vendors in streets of country sell it, common men and women mold Hindi – and they would decide the fate of Hindi language, not some government employees and so-called linguists. This moment, it should be made clear to them – their fabricated language won’t do anymore, they won’t guide our language. But we know that it cannot be done just by writing here. It can only be done when you, while reading this, make sure that a living and organic Hindi will be used, at least by you.

Anglicizing Hindi is another problem. It’s cutting our language from the very root. It’s poisoning our language, language of our kids. And if the trend continues, sooner or later it’d destroy Hindi that we hold so dear to ourselves. There are people who support it, who say that overt use of English words enriches Hindi. At this moment I say to you – you and I love Hindi, because it’s “Hindi”, because its Hindi-ness is there. Let me be clear here, I’m not against use of English words and phrases. But Hindi should remain Hindi. If we make it sound like English, we will kill the soul of our language. And soon this great language would die unnoticed. But as I love Hindi and I firmly believe you love it too, we won’t let it happen. Hindi must retain its essence, it must stay a language of Indian origin, and it must stay our language. We must speak the real Hindi, we must send SMS in real Hindi, and we must spread real Hindi, because if you believe in “Hindi Blogs”, you know this is the moment to act. And it’d be too late if won’t act now. Bhartendu Harishchandra said:
The knowledge of one’s own language is the basis for all development. Without proper understanding of one’s own language, one cannot get peace of mind.
There’re some more questions, important questions, which we should ponder upon. If you like Hindi Blogs’ love for Hindi and share it, think over these issues. We’d discuses more pressing questions about Hindi in upcoming posts. But before that, say with me – I love Hindi.

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